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Disposable Gloves

Perfect for applications that require a tough, strong nitrile glove.

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Different Types of Gloves


Disposable Gloves

There are several different type of examination type grade gloves. Some include latex, nitrile and vinyl. For more information,

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What is Latex?


Latex is natural rubber that is made from the sap of the Brazilian rubber tree.

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Powder Free Gloves


Glove powder, used in the manufacturing process as a mold releasing agent and a donning lubricant, is also believed to be one possible cause of sensitization. However, it is important to understand that glove powder or cornstarch powder itself is not known to be an allergen.

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About us

Over 35 years of service to the Canadian marketplace enables the staff of We Share Supply Inc. the expertise and know how to be a dependable, value added partner in the supply chain for your business.

We ally with a broad base of World Class manufacturers so you are assured to receive the right product for your task, on time, error free and at the best overall value.

We Share Exam Supply can help you promote workplace safety with a variety of protective products. Here you can find eye, face, hand and foot protection and work wear suitable for use in the lab, workshop or construction site. Shop a large selection of industry specific protective products such as arc flash protection, electrical gloves, confined space equipment and many more!

Contact us today so we can begin to work together to meet any and all of your specialized requirements.


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